Bet on Esports Via Online Casinos

Esports Betting: What You Need To Know

bet on esports via online casinos
Esports Betting began as just a simple wagering arrangement between friends and acquaintances but now this form of betting has grown to be one of the most popular sports betting. Hundreds of millions are being risked into this game yearly. You don’t just want to play though, you want to be able to win. Therefore, carefully follow these salient points that have been outlined that you need to know about esports betting.

  • Properly check out the esports betting sites where you want to place your bet. Make sure you confirm their trustworthiness, price range, promotions they give, and the kind of bets you could place.
  • If sports betting is not permitted in your community, then Esports betting is most likely also not permitted.
  • Esports betting does not yet have a central controlling body. An overarching structure might soon take over the control of this sport though.
  • The gambling age is equivalent to the minimum gambling age in your jurisdiction
  • In Esports betting, you can fund your account in the same way you fund a traditional betting account

5 Tips For Betting Online With Esports

While trying to make money off esports betting sites can be a risky adventure, with a little courage, skill, and common sense, you can still make some real money. Good advice will also help win much more at betting. Here are some tips to get you started on esports betting:

  • Do adequate research before you place your bets. Ensure you bet on games you understand and learn about the history and industry in general. Rely on the facts and figures and not just a person’s opinion as that might not be accurate.
  • Choose a good betting platform. Ensure that the Esports betting sites you use are certified as a legal casino.
  • Place small bets. Experiment with different types of bets till you find the one you are best at.
  • When you start losing on a bet, you should stop betting for a while or switch to a different game.
  • Switch it up and have fun. Do not concentrate on only one type of wager just because you are winning.

What Types Of Bets Can You Place?

On esports betting sites, there are various types of bets that are placed. Take your time to research them. The types of esports bets are:

  • Moneyline
  • Totals
  • Spread
  • Proposition Betting (aka Prop Bets)

-Who will win a certain map?

-Which team will draw first blood?

-Team to slay the Baron

  • Futures

-Winner of Major Events

-Winner of Esports Leagues

Legal Casino Sites In The USA for Esports Betting

It is very important to bet at a legal casino when placing your bet at an online casino in the USA. You stand to enjoy a lot of benefits from esports betting sites that have an amazing casino bonus. Here is a list of six online casinos you can bet at and the awesome welcome and no deposit casino bonus you can enjoy at the casino.

  • BetOnline: This casino offers you a whopping 50% matched deposit up to $5000. The site allows the use of bitcoin and the easy to use interface means you can quickly find the latest tournaments and leagues.
  • Bovada: This is a popular sportsbook because of its Bodog roots. You can get a 50% deposit bonus that is up to $250.
  • Sports This casino offers you a 75% esports welcome bonus that is up to $1000 that you can use to play to win real money. It is a USA casino offering bets on racing and sports.
  • Play Amo: This casino gives a huge deposit bonus of 100% up to $500.
  • Jackpot City Casino: This casino offers you a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,600
  • Spin Casino: This online casino offers a 100% deposit bonus that is up to $1000.

No matter which of the platforms you choose to claim a bonus that will give you more chances to play, it is important to pay close attention to the bonus terms and conditions. Even the most popular platforms according to are setting their own terms when it comes to any type of promotion.

When reading the terms and conditions, focus on the wagering requirements, max win limits, and the time limits. The wagering requirements are the most important conditions because you need to meet them before being able to withdraw any winnings. The lower they are the more chances you have to claim your winnings.