Enter in the Esports World

The e-Sports world has dozens of titles. Each year new games are added to the arena, while others are left behind. During the more than 20 years that the e-Sports have been among us, a multitude of tournaments and competitions have been organized, which little by Little have been shaping the show that nowadays we can follow through the streaming.

The great competitions as we know them now in the past were the LAN Party, the real germ of all this phenomenon. The DreamHack is probably the best known, but around the world or even in Spain we have many LAN Party, such as the TLP of Tenerife or the Euskal Encounter of Bilbao. You can’t tell if one game is better e-Sports than another, but you can sort it out for something as flashy as the prizes you hand out. Here’s a list of the top 10 games that have been dealt with in competitions according to E-Sports Earnings.

Top 10 games with the most money in tournaments

  1. Dota 2

But if there was a game that changed the concept of prizes in international tournaments that was Dota 2. The International 2011 was the first to hand out a million dollars, a figure so far unthinkable for a video game competition. Dota 2 fever was growing, and the Compendium has added $ 65,063,227.34 to its total amount. Now, with the global 2016 insight, a new amount will add up, who knows if exceeding the nearly 18.5 million achieved last year.

  1. League of Legends

At Riot, they did not think about the potential of their MOBA, which is currently the benchmark within the e-Sports. Their community, one of the largest, and their leagues, one of the most followed in the world, has made the League of Legends the spearhead of the electronic sports industry. The planets are the places where the most money has been distributed, at $ 2,130,000. Their tournaments are the ones that usually give the most money, having already allocated $ 29,214,336. 74.

  1. StarCraft II

Entering the top 3 of games, we have the king of the RTS. Considered as a national sport in South Korea, where they are the majority of top-level players, the fight between Protoss, Terran and zergs have come to have distributed $ 250,000 in the WCS that. That StarCraft II sum 19,359,111. Ten dollars is due to the number of tournaments that have been held throughout the world, already exceeding 3,600.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The CS: GO is more alive than ever and every year, the numbers of follower’s increase, as well as the prizes that are distributed. It’s still a very young game compared to the original, but that hasn’t stopped him from already handing out $ 17,293,870.49. The grand prize was distributed a few days ago at ESL One: Cologne 2016, where there were a million dollars, as was the MLG Major Championship: Columbus.

  1. Counter-Strike

As with the previous one, the arrival of his successor has caused much of his audience to be lost. Despite this, no one forgets the Golden Age of Counter-Strike, one of the first competitive games to win cyber games around the world and start with world tournaments. In total, it has distributed $ 10,764,492. 98 since its launch in 2000.

  1. Starcraft

If Warcraft III was a revolution, Starcraft was no less. He was one of the precursors of the e-Sports industry, establishing himself as the king of the RTS until the arrival of his sequel. Although prestigious tournaments are no longer played, there is an active community of professionals, especially Koreans. The number of prizes awarded only increases every year, reaching $ 6,726,908. Eighty-eight in its almost 20 years of history.

  1. Smite

The change of vision of a MOBA pleased millions of players. Although it does not have such a broad audience in our country, smite is one of the big ones within the e-Sports. With only 58 organized tournaments he has already distributed $ 5,648,267. 66, with the juiciest prizes in the world competitions. Although more than $ 2.6 million was distributed in 2015, there was only one million at stake in the 2016 edition. Will Smite losing popularity?

  1. Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard continues to hoard the last places in this top 10 with his MOBA. Heroes of the Storm brings together in one place the most emblematic heroes of their franchises. Teamwork becomes the fundamental element of this game that offers every few months’ new heroes and scenarios that renew the game. Since its release in 2015, $ 4,816,804. 02 has already been awarded, with the BlizzCon 2015, the DreamHack All-Stars Summer 2016 and Heroes Spring Global Championship 2016 the most widely distributed sites: $ 500,000.

  1. Hearthstone

What started as entertainment without more than the developers have become a mass phenomenon that in just two years has become one of the most played titles. This spin-off of the Warcraft franchise moves us to its warm tavern to play a few card games. With more than 300 cards in his collection, Hearthstone has made thousands of people fond of his competitions, which have already dealt $ 4,717,839. 07. The BlizzCon, which is the world final, is the place where the most money has been distributed, with $ 250,000 in total prize money.

  1. Warcraft III

Warcraft’s fantasy world is one of the best known within the RTS. Blizzard’s work, launched in 2002, was a before and after in the way strategy and resource management games were conceived. Not just for his incredible campaign mode, but for a multiplayer who was a revolution at the time. In total, 4,135,531. Eighteen dollars have been distributed, the most important tournament being the one held at the World Cyber Arena 2015, which put more than 100,000 dollars on the table.