Popular Board Games

The best board and Company games on the market, at the best online price available and with the best reviews from users around the world? Here is the 2018 ranking of the best 15 board games on the market.

PS of publishers: this ranking, our principal, thanks to the considerable visibility gained is always at the center of huge discussions on various social. Choose 15 games, for Italian players, among the thousands of games present. It is logical that it ignites debates!

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  1. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to RIDEA board game awarded worldwide. Almost one million copies sold, winner of various international awards between 2004 and 2005. Point of the strength of Ticket to Ride is the near absence of downtime, even playing in 5, which makes it pleasant, especially for younger and restless.

  1. Blood Rage

A millionaire Kickstarter campaign first funded the release of Blood Rage, so it landed in the gaming market enjoying enormous success. Let’s start with the negative: the price, unfortunately, is high. That said, Blood Rage is becoming famous because, with exceptional graphics and materials, it combines fascinating and addictive gameplay mechanics.

  1. Dixit

This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world for company games. Dixit is particularly suitable for those who want to stimulate their creativity.

Each player will have his turn of play; in which he will have to describe a card of his own choice among those in his hand. The skill lies in describing the illustrations-beautiful and enigmatic-of the chosen paper explicitly, but not too much. For example, with a sentence, or even a single word. Shuffled cards the other players will have to understand what is the card described by the player by placing one of their cards with a common element: the player will make zero points both if no other player will recognize the card (cryptic description), or if all should recognize it (explicit description). If only a few players guess, they and the narrator will score.

  1. Puerto Rico

A cornerstone of board games. In Puerto Rico, participants each have their plantation on which to build, grow, and grow their civilization. Also, at each turn, the player can choose whether to perform the function of a mayor, builder, captain, settler, craftsman, merchant, or explorer. This allows you to have games never repetitive and with a range of strategic possibilities profound.

  1. Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy Board Games is a small revolution in Company games. But let’s go in order. We have already mentioned one of the best collaborators ever, pandemic. Summing up to the bone, a collaborative (players play together against the game) in which we will have to fight different epidemics of various kinds, to safeguard public health worldwide. OK.

  1. Star Wars, Imperial Assault

No need to be Star Wars fans to appreciate Imperial Assault. We are talking about a very fancy title, with refined mechanics based on moving thumbnails on the board. Let’s start here. The materials are excellent, and having on your hands all the main characters of Star Wars surely is an added value not a little.