Popular RPG Games

MMORPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or “massively multiplayer online role-playing games” translated into English) are undoubtedly the most popular type of Free MMO games.

In a typical MMORPG, each user has its own ‘ virtual alter ego with which he can wander the game world, complete quests, kill enemies and interact with other players: in this way, the character will gain experience points, learn new skills and become more and more robust.

Most MMORPGs (often also called “online GDR”) require downloading a game client, but also there are several browser-based RPGs.

Of course, the download games offer a gaming experience that is more profound and can provide some of the most popular features of the online role-playing games of 2018, which is an Open World. Players can explore the map freely and find new adventures and companions), a “sandbox” environment (the players can build their home, cultivate a garden or, more generally, have a direct influence on the game world), and, last but not least, 3D graphics, stunning.

From their first appearance in the early 2000s, many games online role has been developed: most of them have a fantasy setting, but they need to renovate has recently brought more diversity from this point of view. Thanks to some good MMORPG sci-fi, medieval, or set in the present… you can even find hybrids with futuristic weapons mixed with fantasy \ medieval runes and enchanting swords!

Another aspect that should be seriously taken into account when choosing an MMORPG in 2018 is its combat system: at one time, RPG games did not focus much on PVP action (in fact, there was no PVP action ever until the RPG began to turn into MMORPG) and their only focus was the atmosphere and credibility of the gaming world.

All this led to static, passive combat systems, which made the fights a bit boring, not to mention PVP sections.

Here we are doing yet another mea culpa: even if we try to be as impartial as possible, we cannot deny that we have a particular preference for role-playing games. In the end it’s where we come from since we started to browse the front pages of game books, until we get to the most modern pen and paper role-playing games, so it’s reasonable to consider these video games as the natural evolution of what we’ve always done!

  1. The Witcher 3: one of the Best Western GDR

We have already had the opportunity to talk to you about another video, and we confirm here what we have already said: probably now, The Witcher is the game that does honor to the category Role-playing Games, due to its nature of a cross-media. It is born into a saga of books (which has contributed to making known to the world), the short will also have a TV series produced by Netflix. The Strigo Geralt of Rivia, therefore, has become a character that has crossed the boundaries of the video game media and has entered the popular culture by right.

  1. Divinity Original Sin

Divinity shares its story with that of Pillars of Eternity: released in the same period, inspired by the dear old Baldur’s Gate and arrived on the market, not for the foresight of a production company but thanks to Kickstarter. Ah, yes, another thing he shares with Pillars is to be a great game!

  1. Dragon’s Dogma

A Dark canyon, a companion, was advising you, a dragon trying to roast you as soon as you start moving. He’s the reason you’re here, and you’re going after him. If it does not seem like a comfortable situation, well, know that things will get worse soon; after a series of corridors where you can warm up slicing minions (and retrieving comrades called pawns), you will appear in front of the first boss of the game: an illusion.

  1. Pillars of Eternity

The Obsidian boys didn’t even try to hide the debt that their Pillars of Eternity has towards Baldur’s Gate: isometric view, group of six characters, strategic in real-time with the ability to pause. These are all things that we have already told you before, and it would be challenging for a non-enthusiast to distinguish the two games. So why are Pillars of Eternity not supposed to be a clone but referred to by everyone as a masterpiece? Because games at Baldur’s Gate had been out of the video game market for more than fifteen years, development houses no longer produced any of them because they thought there were no more gamers who wanted to invest their money on these games.

  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Always to stay in sci-fi, we talk about Deus-Ex. The saga created by Warren Spector is different from that of Mass Effect and leaves aside interplanetary travel and distant galaxies to focus on other aspects, one on all that of biomechanics, enrolling in law in the cyberpunk genre. Our protagonist turns already in the early stages of the game in a sort of superman because in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that almost cost him his life. They are provided in the limbs, cybernetic that do not fulfill only the function, but allow us to use a whole series of superpowers – super strength, endurance, superhuman, radar, are just a few examples and we’ll choose us during the game what other relation (and thanks to the grafts cybernetic, changing in this way also our way of playing.